Neha Shah is a top-notch designer! She has a great design sensibility that is the result of her ability to synthesize complex, and sometimes disparate ideas into unified, clear, and visually compelling presentations. Neha consistently does this on tight deadlines while maintaining incredible professionalism and a sense of humor.
Neha’s skill set is extensive. She has knowledge of and experience with numerous design software and tools. In the event she is not familiar with a specific software, she is able to learn it and add it to her repertoire in the shortest amount of time.
I am so impressed with Neha and fortunate that she has been working for our office since we handle multiple projects at any given time for diverse clients with limited staff. All of our clients have expressed their appreciation for the work Neha produces for them as well as expressing how much they enjoy working with her.
I can say with great enthusiasm that Neha is perhaps the best designer that has worked for this office, and a great team player and colleague.

Susan managed Neha at The New School, June 30, 2011


Having rejected 6 people for the role of a Designer for the Brand team at Sapient, Neha was the 7th person I had interviewed and after meeting her I knew she had the potential not just because she could put colors and type on a canvas creatively but she had the ability to “think design” and beyond. In the 2 years that we worked together Neha proved time and again she is a very talented designer; her strength has always been her passion for design and her ability to think and provide successful and innovative solutions on the various marketing campaigns she worked on with various internal clients. As colleagues, she often challenged me and asked questions which made me push my designs to the next level. She is constantly thinking, thinking of innovative ways whether it’s design, building a design community, to help make the office a better place to work! She will go above and beyond to deliver the best! I have high regard for her as she is a very determined individual, passionate, and will never shy away from work. It has been a pleasure working with Neha at Sapient, and I miss her cause she has taken away with her, a little bit of fun from the work place!

Gian worked with Neha at Sapient Corporation, November 7, 2009


Neha and I worked together for almost two years in her role as designer for the Brand Team at Sapient. In this role, she handled a multitude of interactive and print design duties including working with various internal clients on multi-channel campaigns.
Neha is a talented designer with a lot of potential. Working with her has always been a pleasure. I have found that in addition to her design abilities, her strength comes from her passion for design and from seeing the design problem from different and fresh perspectives. She continually impresses me with her ability to ask challenging questions in order to get at the heart of the design challenge. If there is one piece of consistent feedback I have gotten from others, it is that her desire to do great work is contagious – it seems to spark individuals’ thought processes in ways that have never occurred to them, inspiring new ideas.
Neha’s design leadership and community building skills have also set her apart. Seeing a need in India for more design community, Neha co-founded a group called UX Design, where designers could connect, share their work and learn from each other. This consisted of both online and offline initiatives. She saw a need and created a solution and her initiative has helped to stimulate design conversation and thought sharing, adding to the richness of design thought in her country.
In conclusion, I must state that I hold Neha in high regard as both a colleague and as a creative. I have complete confidence in her putting 200% into whatever she does. I can count on her to work tirelessly when we need to do so, and her determined and passionate nature always make it a pleasure to work with her under any circumstance.

Kiran managed Neha at Sapient Corporation, March 6, 2010


Neha is one of the most talented creative people I have worked with. I worked with her on couple of assignments in Sapient and her understanding of the brand/product in various creative jobs she used to produce was simply amazing. She was also quite dedicated and hard working. Keeping the timelines and sticking to it was something really appreciated by everyone. I wish her all the best for all her future assignments and would love to work with her if there is any opportunity in the future.

Nitin worked with Neha at Sapient Corporation, November 7, 2009